This department only offers a master degree program for international students.
The term of study is 2-4 years, and there are two semesters in each year.


1. Eligibility

( 1 )Identity of an international student should be conformed to the content in
MOE Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies
in Taiwan. Article Content

( 2 )Applicants who have graduated from a high school, college or university
recognized by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan can apply for admissions
(Please refer to the website: Foreign students
with a high school diploma are eligible to apply for Undergraduate
Programs; bachelor's degree for Master Programs.

( 3 )Language Proficiency Certificate: TOEIC at least 600.


2. Terms of Study: 2~4 years.

3. Tuition and other fees

( 1 )Total tuition per semester is about NT$ 46,524 (including Basic Tuition:
NT$22,000 and Basic Credit Fees : NT$ 24,524). There are two semesters
in each academic year. The rates are subject to change annually.

( 2 )The other fee per semester about NT$ 16,172, including dormitory fee, air condition fee, insurance fee and network fees.

( 3 )Living expenses are approximately NT$120,000 per academic year.


4. Scholarships

( 1 )National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology Scholarship: NT$10,000~70,000 for one semester.

( 2 )Taiwan Scholarship Program: Master NT$20,000/month

( 3 )International Cooperation and Development Fund Scholarship Programs: The amount will vary by International Cooperation
and Development Fund.


5. Admission applications for download:Download